Kim’s Master Bath Remodel

After my kitchen was updated, it was time to work on renovating my master bathroom. My main objectives were to have a whirlpool tub and more counterspace around my sink. I think we ended up achieving all of that and more! Many thanks to Trevor who was 99% of the “we”. I would’ve loved a walk-in […]

Kim’s Updated Kitchen

When I swapped houses, I knew I wanted to update the kitchen with new countertops and appliances. I forgot to take a “before” photo before we actually started. The area above the cupboards was actually purple when we moved in. I had already painted it burgundy. And we had started pulling down the formica behind the […]

Swapping Houses = Saving Money

I’ve actually swapped houses, not once, but twice, so I guess that makes me an expert?! Probably not, but my banker told me she’s only dealt with this situation twice and both times have been with me! I’m really surprised more people haven’t taken advantage of swapping houses to save money. Even Bank Rate recommends it. […]

Did You Know These Fun Facts?

I saw one of my Facebook friends share these images, and I thought they were too factual not to share. Women with higher IQ’s have a harder time finding a mate. Intelligent women would rather remain single than be with the wrong person. I’m going to start using this excuse as to why I’m single […]