Did You Know These Fun Facts?

I saw one of my Facebook friends share these images, and I thought they were too factual not to share. Women with higher IQ’s have a harder time finding a mate. Intelligent women would rather remain single than be with the wrong person. I’m going to start using this excuse as to why I’m single […]

My Experience On The Steve Harvey Show

I’ve been a long time fan of The Today Show on NBC, thus the TV in my office is permanently set to NBC all day long. When The Steve Harvey Show debuted on NBC, it quickly became one of my favorite talk shows. And one of my favorite segments on the show is “Looking for […]

40+ Things On Kim’s Bucket List

I kept randomly telling the last guy I dated different things I had on my bucket list, and he’d always reply, “I really need to see this list”. Well, even if he never sees this list now, I figured writing it out may help me attain my bucket list goals by manifesting my dreams. So here goes, […]

Help? I’m Allergic To My House!

I started getting a mild rash three months ago. When the itching became so bad, I went to the doctor. I had a flu shot the week earlier so he said it could’ve been a reaction to that. He gave me a shot of cortizone in the butt, told me to take some loratadine over-the-counter and […]