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Protected: Is Suicide Selfish?

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Cartoon Fire

Combustion at Kim’s House

When my dad died, he had no life insurance and a lot of debt. I am still dealing with settling his (lack of) estate.  I had told the mortgage lender to go ahead and foreclose on his house since my dad owed way more on the property than it was worth.  After a year of […]

Bottle Cap Tiled Floor

Using Bottle Caps To Tile A Floor

I have spent many hours in my friends’ shed (aka “Whitey’s Shed”) behind their house for both good times and bad.  Half of the shed is set-up similar to a bar setting, complete with a television, ice machine and beer coolers. Except it’s BYOB (bring your own beverage). When I first saw a bathroom floor […]

Merry Christmas from Kim and the Kids

Merry Christmas from Kim and the Kids

None of us particularly liked the photo I used in this year’s Christmas card, but it was the only one I had of all us together. I only planned to send out to family and those that we don’t communicate with online. But I realized I might as well share my Merry Christmas greetings with […]