Antique Found: Frank Miller’s Crown Dressing

Ever since the medium told me that finding loose change was a sign of my dad showing himself to me, I continue to find change in strange places, and my brother kept finding change at my dad’s house.  I kid you not that every time my brother went to visit the house since Dad died, […]

Dicker's house being demolished

Goodbye 334 East Nebraska Street

And Dicker’s house is going down… Going… Going… Gone. There is no more 334 East Nebraska Street. When my brother builds, the house will face a different direction and thus have a new house number on a different street with a new address.

My dad's house

Dicker’s house is going down

I decided to do a drive by and take a few last photos of my dad’s house before it gets torn down this week as it was a house I kept returning to throughout the years. I first lived there with my mom and dad and little brother. When my parents got divorced, mom moved […]

Kim sad about Robin Williams' death

Robin Williams made me laugh. Robin Williams made me cry.

I don’t think I’ve ever cried when a celebrity died before. That was until Monday when I heard the news of Robin Williams’ passing while I was in New York City for Affiliate Summit. Man, he made some great movies (some even yet to be released). I choked back tears first when talking with Hunter […]