The Painting Party has Begun

Well, I didn’t plan to start painting until today. That was until I went to unload the paint last night and dropped and spilled a gallon of pink paint on my nice new driveway. Luckily I have nice new neighbors with garden hoses and dish soap. I salvaged some and ended up painting one wall with what I scooped up off the cement.

Couldn’t even see it today! I’m partial to pink, but not on my driveway. I did realize just how much I dislike painting. Who’s brilliant idea was it to paint all the walls in the girls’ bedrooms all different colors?! Oh yeah, it was mine. I especially dislike trimming.

My friend hung some elegent faux finish wallpaper for me, and my cousin was brave enough to climb the scaffolding to paint the cathedral ceilings. Me, I mainly trimmed, and cursed a bit. This is going to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

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