Kim Does You Tube

My first attempt at using You Tube was for Shoeaholics Anonymous, but since it involved seeing a little bit of my house, I thought I’d share the footage with you. Excuse the mess, and my make-up artist had the day off… Shoe Decor in my New House on

Does anyone familiar with know how I can fix the voice not matching the video and having the start picture be of me in the beginning? Yeah, it’s all about me, Me, ME.

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Kim Rowley

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  1. Wow Kim, I thought maybe your saddle shoes were lucky. But now maybe it really is those Desert Boots. ( desert boots by NORSTROMS, are my favorite, Their soft sole and soft tan swade body are so comfortable to even ware to bed.) Of coarse my favorite shoe are my spiked corks, the shoe that is so “comfy” and undeniable ugly. That they are the lucky Shoes that I wear when I want to be lucky for the need to be lucky when making a good impression.( Their size 16 Wide) You know Kim, they say when a person who has big feet, they have a better “understanding”. John

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