My Family is Screwy and Smiley

First my mom shattered her heel requiring 13 screws (she still is not recovered), and now my son dislocated his kneecap and fractured his growth plate requiring 2 screws. I felt a little guilty having to leave him for my conference in Vegas, but the doctor assured me it was fine to go. Ok, doctor’s orders. So, my mom, one cripple, took care of the other cripple.

I’ll post more later on the Vegas trip (am a tad tired), but here is a teaser pic for you. After alcohol was involved, I’m not sure my brother, my cousin, my boyfriend, my friends and I were the appropriate spokesmodels for But a good time was sure had by all.

Update: Even Brian Littleton, President of ShareASale sported a metallic thong bearing the smiley face for charity, with all proceeds going to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada.

Brian Littleton Wearing Thong

And Brian played the piano while Mike, Pat and Ethan serenaded Missy Ward…


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