Where in the World is Kim’s Luggage?

Where in the World is Waldo?I should have known. The day 07/07/07 may have been lucky for some, especially the 38,000+ people that got married that day, but it was not so lucky for me.

On the first leg of my flight journey enroute to Miami, I was on the most disgusting airplane I have ever been on. The horrific smell of the lavatory throughout made me want to vomit. I swear a vacuum cleaner had never set foot on board. I had to wipe crumbs off my seat before sitting and provide my neighbor with a kleenex to wipe the “green goo” off her seat. And and there was no use of complaining to the one flight attendant, as I swear he couldn’t speak English.

I was happy to reach Chicago for my layover until I received a phone call with news that my daughter’s chiropractor who had been battling cancer had passed away. I had an awful feeling at our last appointment with her a week earlier. I could tell she was in extreme pain and not her usual cheerful self when she told us there was nothing more she could do for Tatym and referred us on to another specialist. I had tears in my eyes when we left wondering if she knew she wouldn’t be around much longer to help her or if someone else really could help her more. At least she is in a better place now.

So I arrive in Miami already in a distraught mood only to have my lugguage not arrive AGAIN! My friends heckled me that my luggage gets around more than I do. After a 48 hour jaunt to Guatemala (yes, GUA), I finally got my luggage, minus my jewelry and shaver cartridges. Obviously Guatemalans don’t know that the most expensive items in there were my Victoria Secret undergarmets. And I think I should be rewarded with those international airline miles.

Our hotel was close to a Ross Store and CVS to buy a few new clothes and toiletries. I plan to invest in a bigger laptop bag to carry along an extra change of clothes and some makeup before I travel again.

All in all, it was a good trip with some definite memories made. Patrick’s best time was probably winning a Sony VAIO Notebook at a cocktail party. I’m jealous. I’d elaborate on more tales, but not sure they are all “family friendly”.

What song is stuck in my head… Miami by Will Smith Welcome to Miami (bienvenido a miami)

Have you seen Reno 911! – Miami, the movie? Stupid if you ask me.

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