Happy Birthday to Me!

@Kimarketing Happy Birthday

Thanks to all my Facebook and Twitter followers for all the birthday wishes thus far! And thanks to Jim Kukral for the above ballad. If he’ll sing for me (even after I mocked his attire choice), Jim will sing for anybody!

Anyway, I’m having a great birthday, and the day’s not over yet!

Had to take my son’s car in for repair* so met Squeak for lunch at our favorite place – Culver’s ($2.99 Snack Packs, baby) – and she made me a beautiful autumn wreath. Also received some flowers and other nice gifts. Next up am going out for supper and daiquiris with some girlfriends and then meeting my posse for drinks. Could be a long night.

*I had this brilliant idea to drive my son’s car when he isn’t using it as his gets better gas mileage and is still under warranty if it should break down. Well, the warranty doesn’t cover if you hit a pheasant** and break the side mirror. And fixing it cost more than the gas saved. Fine, I’ll drive my SV6.***

**So, my grandma asked if I picked up the pheasant to cook up for supper!? Um, no. I lived with my dad in high school, and he only cooked on Sundays. I swear it was road kill surprise – pheasant, rabbit, goose – coulda been possum for all I knew. Good thing I worked at the local dairy sweet as I lived on pizza burgers. And no, Marty, pheasant does NOT taste like chicken.

***P.S. Did I mention I want a new Dodge Journey (in red) for my birthday?

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5 Comments on "Happy Birthday to Me!"

  1. Hope you had a great birthday and that you aren’t too hung over.

  2. Well happy birthday! 🙂

  3. Hey, Happy Birthday a day late! Hope you aren’t “feeling it” today! Glad you had people to go out with.

  4. Hope you had a great birthday! Did anyone come through with a red Dodge Journey for you??

  5. No Dodge Journey! Not even a Smartclock that I told my mother I wanted. She gave me homemade canned vegetable soup instead, so fair enough.

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