Holiday Tour of my Home

Holiday Tour of Homes

My house was featured on the Holiday Parade of Homes this past weekend that raised funds for the Lied Pierce Public Library Foundation.  The committee had asked me two years ago if I would open my home for the event, but this was before I had my furniture from Nebraska Furniture Mart.  I promised I would the next time they held a tour, which was this year.  The two year delay helped me acquire a lot of my Christmas decorations for 90% off after the holidays!

My Aunt Squeak did an awesome job of decorating the twelve Christmas trees and the rest of the house!  Besides Squeak’s talent of remaking all of my wreaths with what I had on hand, I did borrow some decorations from her, my mother and my friend, Dustie.

I was going to hire out the cleaning, but the first gal I called was too busy with the holidays.  My hands are extremely dried out and cracked from cleaning now that it almost hurts to type!  And I have great friends, Chris and Tracy, that offered to help (my stovetop now looks brand new)!

Since I may never have my house this clean and this decorated again, I took a lot of pictures!  Check them out on  Now we’ll see if we can keep the house clean for a couple more weeks as I’m hosting the Sutter Christmas!

P.S. I should have saved 400 of the Diet Mountain Dew cans I consumed to make a Mountain Dew Christmas Tree!

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4 Comments on "Holiday Tour of my Home"

  1. 12 Christmas trees?

  2. I looked at your pictures on and your home looks beautiful! We haven’t even put our tree up yet. You’ve inspired me, I think we’ll get the tree decorated tonight. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  3. Awesome photos, great job. 12 trees…..amazing.

  4. 12 Trees?! You’re a maniac! That one looks gorgeous though.

    In my hometown here in CA there’s a lot of Victorian houses that do the same kind of open homes thing. Only houses that are still 1 family dwellings and not gutted into duplexes or apartments are allowed to participate, and many do the classic Victorian decorations to complement the homes. One of these days I’ll remember when it is and go take pics!

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