My dead dad is haunting me.


My youngest daughter, Tatym came home from a speech meet last weekend and asked, “What did they say the cause of Grandpa’s death was?”  Carbon monoxide poisoning. “But you think he had a heart attack, right?” Yes.  Tatym had sat through the other participant’s speeches, one of which was about heart diseases, and how a certain heart defect gave off symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Another sign I was right! So as I lay in bed that night, I can’t sleep, thinking, and all of the sudden I realize the kitchen light turned on.

First of all, I usually shut my bedroom door at night, but for some reason had left it open or else I wouldn’t have noticed the light.  Thinking it was one of the girls up, I got up to see who it was in the kitchen.  No one. The girls were fast asleep in their rooms.  And all of the sudden, a smile came over my face, and I felt my dad laughing at me. Just like in my previous dream.

The next day, I tell Tatym about my experience which she classified as freaky.  And she was even more freaked out a couple hours later when she swore she smelled Grandpa Dick (he had a distinct scent), like he just walked by her.

So I was watching The Ricki Lake Show yesterday (don’t judge) whose guest was a medium named Allison DuBois, and one of the audience members said she “smells” her dad occasionally.  I look up at the TV (it’s above my computer monitor, so I basically just listen and not watch it), and it felt like Allison was talking to me instead of the audience member.  She said Dad was ready to go as there was was nothing else for him to do down here, and now he can join all his friends in Heaven. Definitely a freaky moment for me, as many of my dad’s friends have passed away in the last couple of years.

I’ve never been a big believer in ghosts and the supernatural.  And when my friend originally said she’d like to meet the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, to communicate with her late sister, I thought she was crazy (well, more crazy), but now I’ve changed my stance and would definitely make an appointment to go with her.

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  1. Your probably not dealing with your father. It could be reminance or just a disturbed pos that cant do what they want to by being respectable. Dont have much expierience in the field, but wheat grass normally will get rid of the smell. Hopefully.

  2. Burning a columb of wheat grass. Let it smoulder like a inscents. And think good thoughts.

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