My dead dad is playing tricks on me

Static TV

While cleaning out Dad’s house, my brother, Mike brought my dad’s TV to my house thinking I’d want it. I already have six big-ass heavy-as-hell television sets in this house – why in the world would I want another?! Since they all work fine, I’m just waiting for these to slowly die off to replace with flat screens. Mike suggests I can sell it on a garage sale. Yeah right, I don’t think anyone can give away old TVs nowadays. In fact, I think I’d have to pay someone to haul it away. So the TV has been sitting in my garage.

With my twins‘ upcoming graduation this weekend, we’ve been cleaning out the garage for the after-graduation celebration (yes, us Midwesterners actually have garage parties), I decided to give my arms a workout and haul the TV to Macy’s room, aka now the spare bedroom since she moved to go to college. Well, Macy came home this past week and refused to sleep in her room saying Grandpa Dick’s old TV freaked her out, so she slept on the couch in the family room. She was really freaked out when she swears she heard it turn on in the night and heard static. Mind you, it wasn’t even plugged in. It freaked her out so much that she came to sleep with me!

Mike and his fiance came to visit this weekend, so we warned them about the haunted TV, which they think we are imagining. Mind you, I’d be skeptical too if someone told me the stories I’ve told, but after living them first hand, my dad haunting me is beyond bizarre. I wish I had blogged about everything we’ve experienced so far, but life is crazy busy.

To play a trick on Mike, I went and plugged in the TV and turned it on, so when they got back from their evening out they would either be freaked out and laugh knowing it was me. But when they came home, there was no mention of it. Finally I asked about it. The TV was not on! It had in fact shut off by itself. We turned it on again, left the room, came back, and it was off again.

They are claiming one of my kids shut it off, but I can guarantee they didn’t. My boyfriend (who is also skeptical of my stories) says the TV probably shuts off by itself after so long of the picture not coming in. I’m not buying that either.

So does anyone want a free TV?! Free Ghost Included.

Next up (if I find time to write about it), my Grandma Betty (my dad’s mother) arose from the dead this week after being unresponsive and given just days to live. My guess is Heaven couldn’t handle her. She’s back to swearing like a sailor…

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