My immune system went on vacation

Cefdinir Antibiotics for Strep Throat

Yep, the doctor confirmed that my immune system did indeed go south without me, and it’s not even winter.   I should’ve went in sooner as I knew I had strep throat. My daughter had it. My son had it.  I was just being stubborn thinking I’d beat it naturally. I’d have to take time off work to the go to the doctor and even more time to drive to the pharmacy as we don’t have one locally (hickville, remember). Yes, I know I work from home, just sympathize with me some.  And I didn’t have even have the excuse that I’m a tight ass, as I’ve already met my deductible for the year.  Now if only health insurance would pay for plastic surgery, a mommy makeover before year end would be nice…

Anyway I gave into this demon taking over my body after I could no longer fight the fever and my eyes were red and mattering.  Oh, and I lost my voice.  I’m sure my kids are overjoyed.  The doctor remembered the last time I drug my sick butt into his office – it was when I had influenza that ruined my trip to Vegas earlier this year.  Lord, I pray these antibiotics kick in soon so that I’m fully recovered by my trip to Philadelphia next month.

And here I was thinking that I was “fit as a fiddle” after deciding to go ahead with all the dreaded tests that come along with turning the big 4-0 (yes, I’m officially on the downhill slope now).  Mammogram was fine.  Colonoscopy was fine.  And when they tell you the prep is worse than the procedure, believe them! And buy yourself some new underwear.

Why did I have those tests done?  Because I have a family history of breast cancer and colon cancer.  And cancer sucks.  Seeing my friends lose their son last month… well, I can’t even write about it without crying.  My bacterial infection all of the sudden doesn’t feel so bad anymore.


*When I couldn’t find an image I wanted to use for this post, I actually took a photo of my actual antibiotics (shown up top).  Then as I was uploading that photo, I found this one on my hard drive that I took for a post about Kleenex.  I really could use that box of Kleenex right about now.

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