Using Bottle Caps To Tile A Floor

Bottle Cap Tiled Floor

I have spent many hours in my friends’ shed (aka “Whitey’s Shed”) behind their house for both good times and bad.  Half of the shed is set-up similar to a bar setting, complete with a television, ice machine and beer coolers. Except it’s BYOB (bring your own beverage).

When I first saw a bathroom floor tiled with bottle caps via Pinterest (do you follow me on Pinterest yet?), I suggested to my friends that they should consider doing that their shed bathroom.  So we all agreed to start saving bottle caps.  But considering the men usually drink canned beer and the women drink mixed drinks, it was going to take us a loooooong time to collect enough caps as we had calculated that we’d need roughly 4,000 caps for the project.

Luckily the local bar started saving them for the cause.  (Side note: it is difficult to drink and/or talk while counting and sorting out 4,000 bottle caps).  Once we had enough, my friend and I had a plan of action on how to lay them, but her husband and his friend (who actually lays tile for a living) decided it was a man’s job.  We didn’t argue.

They applied grout to hold the caps in place and fill in the gap between and underneath the caps.  They formed a “W” in the center of the area to stand for “White”, their last name. They then covered the whole area with a clear epoxy coat.  It looks awesome – way better than the photo depicted that my friend took on her dumbphone – so I’ll try to update the photo with my new camera that I got for Christmas as I’m sure I’ll visit again sooner than later.

We calculated that if the bar sells each bottle of beer/malted liquor/wine cooler/etc for $3 each (x) 4000 bottle caps (=) that equates to a $12,000 floor, not including supplies and labor (and husbands, so I’ve heard, are not cheap)!

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4 Comments on "Using Bottle Caps To Tile A Floor"

  1. What a beautiful Idea! I’ve seen this done with coins, but this makes a lot more sense. I’m all for going green. This earth is just TOO precious 🙂 Thanks for sharing – i’ve followed you on pinterest as well!

  2. Such a cool idea, and it looks so amazing! I also really love that it’s not just random; you guys actually put together a beautiful design that is meaningful to your friends. I also took a look at the pin you posted with the bathroom that has the bottle cap floor. Wow! It’s gorgeous so much fun!

  3. How does the bottle cap floor hold up under foot traffic? I’m looking at doing one in a restaurant but didn’t know how it would stand up under that much foot traffic…..

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