25 Things About Me (Kim Rowley)

I was cleaning out folders on my PC today when I came across this list of 25 things I wrote about myself in 2008.  Not sure why I wrote it, but I … [Read more...]

Face Down in the Dirt, This Doesn’t Hurt

After I got divorced, three of my girlfriends also got divorced, and we hung out and created our own "eligible bachelor list". Well, either my … [Read more...]

Meat Me on the Flip Side

I just finished reading Stephanie Klein's book. She even created a list of "the perfect man for me" similar to my specifications. I liked her list … [Read more...]

Mundane Musings from Kim

My lawn is near complete. Retaining walls are done. Sprinklers are in. Bushes are planted. Rock Garden is set. The price of sod has more than … [Read more...]