Date Application Requirements

With a tagline of “Kim’s Journey not only to Build a New House, but to Find a Man to help Share it”, I’ve gotten a few too many date offers that I’m not interested in.  So, in order to weed out the rejects, here are the things that I’m looking for in “my perfect man” in the order that I blogged about them. Click each link for more specifics.

7/1/06 Must Like Kids

7/7/06 Can’t Be Married

7/13/06 Source of Income

7/16/06 Sense of Humor

7/19/06 Taller than Me

7/29/06 Likes to Give Attention

7/31/06 Non-Smoker*

8/8/06 Christian

8/13/06 My Age or Older

10/17/06 Caucasian

5/20/07 Hearty sexual appetite, but not so much so that he is willing to stray.

5/2/08 Punctuality

8/15/08 Knows how to dress himself

1/27/09 *Non-Tobacco user

6/16/09 Bonus Points for Group Health Insurance (Double Points for Vision and Dental)

Newest Requirement: No Crazy Ex-wife – okay, so I realize 99% of divorced men think their ex-wives are crazy (mine probably included), so let me expand the definition to include no ex-wives that meddle in their ex-husband’s affairs.

I must add that even if a gentleman fits all of the above requirements, he must also Give Me Butterflies.

Obviously as the list grows, the pool of applicants that qualify dwindles down. I may just have to learn to live with being lonely.

I want a guy who...

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